проектирование ресторанов, столовых
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Компания EQ-VIP – оборудование, проектирование ресторанов, столовых
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"Eq-VIP" Company today is:
Individual way of work with every customer
Execution of restaurant technological project. Design of public catering establishments of any kind (restaurants, canteens, food processing enterprises, fast food cafe, bakeries projecting etc.)
Deliveries of Afinox refrigerating equipment and buffets, Rivacold block-system refrigerating equipment
A wide range of furniture, cooking wares, fine china, kitchen utensils for restaurant, cafe and bar
Delivery of high quality German equipment -  MKN, AlexanderWerk, Alexander Solia, HansDampf, MIWE
complex equipping of restaurants, canteens, food processinig enterprises, fast food cafe, bakeries etc
All range of restaurant and catering equipment service


Our Company successfully works on Russian market and has recommended itself as a reliable partner in the field of public catering enterprises projecting (technological projecting of restaurants, canteens, bakeries, community catering and food processing enterprises) and equipping of hotels, catering enterprises and hospitals. Eq-VIP Company makes a full range of service such as installation, repairs and technical after-sale service of the equipment installed.

Why we are?

While searching a Company for half a year or a year term (that is an average period from the restaurant projecting start till the equipment installation) every customer is faced with the hard choice — whom he should entrust all the cycle of work concerning restaurant projecting and its complex equipment not to spoil the pleasant impressions of business start from the unseen enormous construction work expenses and all of a sudden problems with  State Inspections (Rospotrebnadzor, Gospozhnadzor, GU MCHS) in addition to, a customer can encounter unpleasant problems and stand by initiated by broken equipment of low quality. The problems mentioned can easily appear because of inexpert HoReCa enterprises projecting.
Let us help you to make a proper decision and state some arguments in favor of "Eq-VIP" Company:
"Eq-VIP" Company successfully works in the field of complex catering solutions (restaurant projecting and equipment), hospitality, health care and hospitals that enables us to accumulate a big store of valuable knowledge and experience.
The other argument that follows from the foregoing, is that we always tell honestly which of the customer desires can be realized technically and what can be done somehow else.
The Company has a group of highly qualified personnel, that enables to provide the customer with interesting and original ideas concerning restaurant and other catering enterprises projecting;
• we are not only able to supply a restaurant with all the technological equipment and furniture, we can also supply cooking wares, fine china and kitchen utensils;
• we supply high-quality Afinox buffets, wine cupboards and refrigerating equipment for restaurant and catering Afinox and Rivacold. Cooking, mechanical and baking equipment for restaurants and canteens MKN, HansDampf, Modular, Alexander Werk, AlexanderSolia, MIWE;
• we can deliver a list of equipment for SPA and beauty shops;
• we have a considerable reserve of spare parts for restaurant equipment repair MKN, HansDampf, Modular, Afinox;
• we can help you to choose all-round restaurant automation means and audio/video equipment;
"Eq-VIP" Company is a kind of "complete cycle" Company, that means "Eq-VIP" fulfills all the needed steps of work by itself: HoReCa enterprises projecting, restaurant equipment and furniture supplying, installation and after-sales service (see the page "Work technique" to learn more).
"Eq-VIP" personnel have been working in the field of restaurant and other HoReCa enterprises projecting for many years. The personnel use all the professionalism and all the experience in their work with every customer in the way to find the most rational solutions in HoReCa enterprises projecting, whether it is a restaurant projecting and supplying with premium quality equipment such as MKN, HansDampf, Alexander Werk, AlexanderSolia, MIWE, or optimum price/quality equipment such as Afinox, Modular, Rivacold.
Thanks to such an opportunity your cooperation with "Eq-VIP" is always the most profitable, despite the complexity of the task given.
And the last and the most important argument: Eq-VIP is not a big Company, that is why we treat every of our customer with great respect and attention, we understand their stressful modern life with a pressure of work, so we react philosophically to their changing of preferences and we are always ready to help in work coordination with the other project participants.


June 16, 2009

Despite of the Economic Crisis influence and some decries in sales, Eq-ViP Company successfully continues development of the main profile directions

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February 16, 2009

"Our projects" page has been filled with new photos of projects equipped with furniture, billiards tables bar counters and technological equipment of Modular, Afinox, MKN, HansDampf, and Rivacold brands

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June 10, 2008

EQ-VIP Company authorized dealer certificate of refrigerating equipment manufacturer  - AFINOX Company

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